Every employer struggles with the administration behind time and attendance.

California Payroll’s system makes it convenient and simple for both employers and employees.

Web Clock

Enable employees to clock in/out through a standard web browser using WebClock.

With no software to install and zero hardware to maintain, tracking your employee’s punches in real- time has never been easier.

Data is available in real-time. WebClock enables employees to check their time card and/or schedule over the web.Supervisors benefit from the convenience of online access for editing employee time cards from any web-enabled workstation, and also have the ability to restrict employee clocking in/out via IP address for added accuracy.

Mobile App: TimeWorksMobile

Employees get convenience; employers get accountability.

Allow employees to view and approve time cards, request time off, check schedule, and view paid time-off balances and more using the TimeWorksMobile app!


  • Automate employee time card approvals online
  • Automate employee leave requests and approvals
  • Display paid time-off accrual balances
  • Enable authorized employees to self-manage time cards online
  • Limit self-service features by employee
  • Share announcements to a specific group of employees
  • Communicate total hours worked, missing punches, time-off requests, and time card notes

Location Tracking & GPS

When you use the mobile app, you set the rules and boundaries.

GPS tracking, Geofencing and IP Address restrictions ensure that you always know your employees’ location when clocking in and out.

What is Mobile Location Management?

Mobile Location Management is our new consolidated add-on feature for efficient mobile employee punch tracking. This consolidated feature combines Pinpoint GPS and geofencing capabilities to give the most flexible options to manage a  mobile workforce.

With Mobile Location Management, managers can see the physical address for every punch, and visualize it on a map. They can also set geofences around approved work sites and get alerts when employees are out of bounds.

Mobile Location Management improves your ability to solve unique mobile workforce challenges for your clients.

Benefits of Mobile Location Management

  • Time and money savings
    Every mobile punch captures and posts location data directly to the timecard. Compiling this information any other way could take hours.
  • Remote oversight
    Clients see where their employees punch in/out, even when they are out of sight. Managers focus on the exceptions.
  • Peace of mind
    Managers know right away if there is a problem. With geofencing, they find out in real-time if a punch is out of bounds.
  • Health and wellbeing protection
    No device sharing required. No queues or gathering areas needed for punch in/out.

Punch Clock

Punch is a low-cost option with the convenience of optional magnetic card or fob activation.

With the affordable Punch employee time clock, you will capture accurate, centralized employee time data and ensure quick and orderly punch in/out.

Benefits of Punch Clock

  • Ensure proper pay for time worked by job classification
  • Eliminate clock errors and reduce abuse
  • Do away with paper timecards and tedious manual data entry
  • Correlate clock-in/out to projects and job classification for analysis and resource allocation
  • Stop losing productivity during shift changes with speedy contactless shift clocking
  • Sync with cloud-based time and attendance system including mobile clocks for centralized time and labor management
  • Convenient Timekeeping allows you to import employee time into a cloud-based time and attendance system.

Punch Clock is an affordable time clock solution for office settings, call centers, healthcare, retail, hospitality, educational, manufacturing, and industrial.

Punch includes a magstripe card reader and a PIN pad. Clock In/out with a unique PIN or provide optional Magstripe Cards for each employee. This is a sturdy workhorse for basic time tracking.

Punch Plus

Punch PLUS includes a variety of additional features, including:

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Proximity card/ fob reader
  • PIN pad
  • Optional Mango “prox” card available

BioMetric TimeClock / Intelligent Timekeeping Touch

Technology and innovations combine for Intelligent Timekeeping Touch, which immediately clocks employees by reading their fingerprints.

Employees don’t need to remember a PIN or worry about losing a fob. You ensure honest punches because no one else can punch in for an employee. Employees also spend less time at the clock, which is especially important when multiple employees work the same shifts. Touch Timekeeping is well-suited for most workspaces, including office settings, healthcare, retail, hospitality, educational, manufacturing, and industrial.

With Touch Timekeeping, you can verify identity, track punches, and provide an interactive, streamlined way for employees to clock in and out.

Touch helps employees, managers, payroll, and HR staff work more productively and efficiently through features that include:

  • A unique fingerprint is required to clock in
  • Filtered prompts track breaks and meals for improved compliance
  • Better match rate than other fingerprint scanners prevents hold-ups at the clock-in queue
  • Collect exact clock data in real-time from every site to eliminate miscalculation, transposition, and other errors common to manual data transfer
  • Combine with mobile clocks in the same timekeeping system for unified employee time data
  • Antimicrobial coating and less repeated contact than PIN clocks helps protect against surface transmitted infections

Facial Recognition

A facial recognition time clock is a hardware clock that tracks employee time.

The employee stands in front of the clock and faces the scanner. The timeclock identifies the employee by scanning their face and measuring key landmarks between facial features. When the employee is authenticated, the timeclock records their clock-in for the shift. The timestamp is then sent to the time and attendance software where time worked is tracked on digital timecards, along with PTO accruals.

Advantage of Facial Recognition Time Clock Systems

California Payroll understands that each business is unique in their needs and requirements. Some businesses do not need to spend the money on a facial recognition time clock system, while others would have it no other way. It’s best to weigh your options by taking a look at the benefits and advantages of each type of time clock system.

The advantages of using a facial recognition time clock system include:

  • Prevents bottlenecks at shift changes
  • Identifies faces with near 100% accuracy
  • Can’t be fooled by a photo like some fingerprint clocks
  • Works across the broadest range of environments and conditions
  • Works for a wide range of skin tones, facial features, and heights
  • No lost key cards, fobs or passwords
  • Prevents buddy punching as it is virtually impossible to fool
  • Controls access in secure environments

Vision Biometric Clock

Vision is a touchless biometric clock with advanced facial recognition. This employee timeclock confirms identity even if the user is wearing a mask. Because verification takes less than a second, clock-in is quick and orderly. Minimal contact terminal helps prevent the spread of germs on high-touch shared surfaces. Other benefits include:

  • Facial reader identifies employees quickly and accurately to prevent lost productivity due to slow clock in queues
  • Sanitary touchless verification and minimal contact clock in/out helps maintain a healthy workplace
  • Controls access for enhanced security, schedule enforcement and COVID-related occupancy thresholds
  • Prevents all forms of time theft, including buddy punching
  • Creates accurate time cards which are easily processed and securely stored,which saves time and hassle for managers and the HR team
  • Unlike fingerprint clocks, facial recognition is not affected by gloves or dusty, greasy, or worn fingerprints. This makes it ideal for all work environments including office settings, healthcare, retail, hospitality, educational, manufacturing, and industrial.

Vision is your best protection against buddy punching which is common with PIN and prox card systems.

Vision makes buddy punching impossible which saves your labor budget.  With Vision, you can collect exact clock-in/out time data in real-time from every site. Discover the ease, security, and reliability of Vision for shift clocking. Touchless authentication speeds punch transactions and confirms identity.

Temperature Check

Vision + Temperature is a touchless biometric clock with advanced facial recognition and temperature checking features.

Our newest time clock speeds clock in/out with touchless facial recognition that works even if the employee is wearing a mask PLUS it screens employees for elevated temperature. By preventing employees with a fever from clocking in, you can protect your workforce and prevent a potential outbreak at your business.

Vision + Temperature supports workforces in office settings, retail, restaurants, hotels, schools, manufacturing, call centers, industrial worksites, and healthcare facilities.

From mobile apps to facial recognition, California Payroll offers several time clock options to suit your business needs.

Vision+ verifies the employee’s face quickly and accurately.

This ensures orderly shift clocking so employees can get to work without delay.

If the thermal scanner detects above-average temperature, the manager can discreetly pull the employee aside and address the issue before the employee enters the workspace.

  • Facial reader identifies employees quickly and accurately which ensures that the right employee clocks into the right shift
  • Minimal contact sanitary clock in/out protects against infection without slowing down the clock-in/out queue
  • Syncs with your timekeeping system for punch-to-paycheck data integrity
  • Thermal scanning helps monitor employee temperature for fever. Discrete alerts notify managers to take appropriate action.