Get back the Time You Spend on Benefits Administration, Enrollment, and Compliance

What happens when payroll and benefits administration platforms don’t talk to each other? Your HR team ends up taking more time to get less done. Your employees get frustrated by headache-inducing benefits enrollment processes and a lack of transparency. Filing necessary reports with insurers and the IRS for compliance becomes a headache.

Lighten the burdens on your HR team and your employees with a centralized, fully integrated benefits and payroll solution.

California Payroll Provides the Integrated Benefits Solutions You Need to Get Ahead

Reduce paperwork, streamline reporting, and empower your employees with a solution that takes the “administration” out of “benefits administration.” California Payroll’s fully integrated benefits administration software connects payroll and benefits to significantly reduce administrative burdens while providing employees with a clear and intuitive enrollment solution.

  • Connect payroll and benefits in real-time

  • Improve data security

  • Eliminate manual enrollment reporting

  • Sync new hires, terminations, qualifying events

  • Empower employees with intuitive self-service tools

  • Reduce administrative workload and minimize risks

Reap the Advantages of Better Benefits Administration

Employers and HR departments for businesses large and small transform their employee experience, compliance, and more with California Payroll’s fully integrated benefits administration solution.

Faster Benefits Administration Workflow

By integrating benefits information with your payroll, you can significantly reduce your workload when it comes to offering benefits, generating payroll deduction and census reports, and complying with ACA, COBRA, and more reporting and filing obligations.

Smoother Benefits Enrollment Processes

Make employee enrollment painless. Your employees are presented with a clear and intuitive self-service solution that is easy to understand, guiding them to the right health plans and helping them select the coverage that’s right for them.

Synchronized Employee Updates

Connecting payroll and benefits administration means less manual labor and administrative paperwork when employee information changes, such as address updates or terminations—and less chance of important changes slipping through the cracks.

Improved Employee Engagement

Give employees access to their compensation details at their fingertips with a desktop and mobile benefits platform. With transparency into compensation and benefits based on real-time payroll data, employees feel more satisfied and trusting in their work environment.

Dive Deeper into Our Integrated Benefits Administration and Payroll Solution

How Benefits Administration/Payroll Integration Works

With California Payroll’s integrated Benefits Administration/Payroll solution, data flows automatically in real time from your payroll to your benefits administration platform, from your benefits administration to your payroll platform, and between both—ensuring up-to-date data on your workforce and benefits without the tedium of manual data entry or the risks of lapsed records.

Ensure a smooth enrollment process for new hires, prevent the risk of accidentally paying out benefits to terminated employees, and communicate faster and easier with your benefits brokers and insurance carriers.

Payroll to
Benefits Administration

Employee data such as ID, SSN, pay effective date, and annual base salary that is input into payroll automatically syncs to your benefits platform.

Data Flow

If changes are made to an employee’s legal name, address, or contact information in either platform, the data in both platforms are automatically updated.

Benefits Administration
to Payroll

Changes to benefits deduction data made in benefits automatically syncs with payroll to immediately ensure accurate deductions.

The Benefits/Payroll Data Flow Process

During open enrollment, your employee’s choices of benefits plans and deductions are automatically updated in payroll.

In the event of employee changes in payroll (new hires, termination, etc.), changes are automatically updated in benefits.

Throughout the year, if any employee experiences a qualifying event, their new deductions are automatically updated in payroll.

Efficient ACA Reporting and Filing

California Payroll’s integrated benefits administration solutions streamline ACA reporting and filing for Applicable Large Employers (ALE). Our ACA services include producing and filing IRS Forms 1094C and 1095C for ALEs with 50 or more Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees.

Our ACA services include:

  • ACA Reporting Essentials

  • Advanced ACA Tracking & Dashboard

Are you a broker looking for more broker-friendly benefits administration?

Brokers: Build Better Benefits Solutions with California Payroll

In addition to employers and HR departments, California Payroll also provides benefits administration solutions for brokers.

Transform your benefits administration onboarding and integration and take your client’s benefits administration to new heights of efficiency with our comprehensive, one-stop, full-service human capital management.

We help you help your clients:

  • Save time and energy for business activities with higher strategic value

  • Stay compliant with changing federal and state regulations

  • Promote greater employee satisfaction and engagement

  • Stay competitive and increase client retention with superior value-add service

Provide better workplace solutions to more clients when you make California Payroll your competitive advantage.

California Payroll’s Benefits Administration Solutions – Powered By Employee Navigator

We provide flexible, powerful benefits software solutions for businesses and brokers of all shapes and sizes by integrating leading benefits administration platform Employee Navigator with flexible, powerful payroll automation software that puts your payroll operations on autopilot.

Reap all the benefits of Employee Navigator combined with a payroll solution that can be tailored to fit any business’s payroll and HR policies, from small businesses to enterprise corporations, to improve efficiency and keep your hardworking team happy.

From new hire onboarding and HR management with our payroll solution to streamlined compensation reporting and employee enrollment with Employee Navigator, our platforms work together perfectly to transform your HR.