Each of our clients have individual goals and requirements.

Our payroll products provide options that fit every unique budget and need. We offer a variety of products, including Workers Comp Connect, retirement plan reporting and custom report writing.

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Workers Comp Connect: Pay as You Go

Most Workers’ Compensation plans require a large, upfront deposit and advance payments based on estimated payrolls. This ties up vital cash resources that you could use elsewhere. Also, because your payments are calculated on estimated payroll rather than actual payroll, you risk having to make time-consuming adjustments for inaccurate payment amounts.

California Payroll’s Pay-As-You-Go solution, Workers’ Comp Connect, changes all of that. Workers’ Comp Connect integrates seamlessly with your Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation carrier to ensure that your premium payments are accurate and on time.

Because your payments are calculated on actual payroll, you pay no upfront deposit.

The benefits of Worker’s Comp Connect include:

  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Payments calculated on actual payroll
  • Accurate, timely payments
  • No check writing
  • No monthly billing fees

Retirement Plan Reporting with 401k Connect

Tracking and submitting employee 401k contributions can be time-consuming and tedious. California Payroll’s retirement services solution, 401k Connect, streamlines the process by handling data communications and fund transfers on your behalf.

Here’s how it works:

  • The 401k Connect process starts with submitting your payroll to California Payroll.
  • After your payroll is processed, California Payroll sends a file with your employees’ contributions to your approved 401k services provider.
  • On receipt of your file, your 401k provider debits the 401k funds from your account.

California Payroll can work with your existing retirement services team to enhance your 401k service. Or, if you are looking to implement a new 401k solution or change your existing one, we can refer you to our network of premium third-party administrators, brokers and retirement services provider.

CalSavers Connect

The State of California recently launched the CalSavers Retirement Savings Program, which is a workplace retirement plan for all savers who do not already have one in place.

To assist companies facilitating CalSavers, California Payroll released its CalSavers-Connect service to help you. California Payroll will automatically submit the employee payroll deduction amounts to the State CalSavers program every pay period.

It is mandated that all California employers with five or more employees either offer a retirement savings vehicle or facilitate their employees’ access to CalSavers.

If an employer does have a qualifying retirement plan it does not have to participate. These employers may allow or choose not to allow the deduction and send the information to CalSavers.

If an employer does not already have retirement options available, California Payroll can help you set up CalSavers or any IRA retirement plan.

Sick, Vacation, &  PTO Accruals

The Accrual Tracking service keeps you up-to-date on your liability by accurately tracking accrued, used and available time off. Information can be displayed in hours and dollars. Easily track employee Sick, Vacation, PTO or any combination of accruals. This service also allows employees to view and request time off with our optional Time Off request features.

Custom Report Writing

Do you have a specific report or information you need? The system is set up with over 150 pre-built reports. If you can’t find it, we can show you how to build your own, or we can build it for you!

California Payroll offers an entire selection of payroll products to not only save administrative time and effort, but also offer ease and convenience to your employees.

Early Wage Access

California Payroll’s new Early Wage Access & Financial Wellness features allow your employees to use their already earned wages to cover necessary expenses early in the pay period, so that they don’t have to wait until payday to pay bills or buy groceries.

Why offer Early Wage Access?

  • 70% of employees are financially stressed
  • 52% of employees are unable to cover a $400 emergency
  • 80% of employers state that financial stress is hurting employee performance, costing half a trillion dollars annually.

Employers providing Early Wage Access & Financial Wellness programs to their employees can help improve employees’ financial health, often leading to better work performance.

To learn more about additional details and benefits of this program, check out our Early Wage Access page.