California Payroll’s powerful software handles the most complicated payroll and tax calculations.

Our intuitive, menu-driven process provides clients with the ability to review information by employee, or for the entire organization prior to submitting payroll to our service center. Once submitted, California Payroll manages everything from applying recent tax updates to originating Direct Deposit transactions to scheduling related tax deposits. We take care of the details so you can take care of your business.
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Access over 120 reports or build your own with Advanced Report Writer, including HR, financial, payroll expense, Workers’ Compensation, 401(k) and more.

Labor & Tax Distribution

California Payroll software features make labor & tax distribution clear and simple. It enables the user to accurately allocate wages and taxes across multiple departments for an employee, rather than put all taxes into the employee’s home department. You can even view the employer tax burden by employee and by department.

Job Costing

We support complex job costing at many levels, which allows you to track your labor costs by job, by function, or by task. This enables you to properly bill, estimate, compare and analyze jobs.

General Ledger Reporting

The General Ledger (GL) report displays debits and credits sorted by your cost centers. The General Ledger integration feature conveniently aligns payroll and your accounting systems.

Easily and seamlessly transfer the GL information from payroll to your accounting system, including QuickBooks, MS Dynamics, and Oracle.

Expense Management

Say goodbye to costly expense systems or time-consuming spreadsheets.

The Expense Tracking Module provides an easy and automated process for tracking employee expenses for reimbursement within the payroll process.

The “My Expense Reports” tab is an optional feature that can be activated in Employee Self Service (ESS) for approval by management.

In addition, cost centers can be set up for users to assign expenses. Groups of employees are filtered so that different expense options are shown for applicable groups of employees. Expense groups are used to determine eligibility for reimbursements, and applicable expense codes. Expenses are submitted by employees for approval. Once approved, expenses can be easily imported into the payroll for final review.

California Payroll’s software plays an innovative role in organizing, reporting and managing your employees, payroll and tax calculations.