Vacations, hours worked, and time off takes high priority for both employers and employees.

California Payroll makes it easy to track hours, update accruals and scheduling so that both employers and employees have accurate information.

Online Supervisor Access

California Payroll software allows for convenient timekeeping and labor management from a single platform. Supervisors can clock teams in and out, track employee attendance, and manage time card approvals and time off request approvals.

Labor Allocation

Using our robust software, businesses can accurately allocate wages and taxes across multiple departments for an employee, as appropriate, rather than putting all taxes into the employee’s home department. You can even view the employer tax burden by employee and by department.

Time Off Accruals

In California Payroll software, time off accruals immediately calculate and update as each hour is worked. Our clients are able to accurately calculate, track and report real time, up- accrued, used and available time off. Information can be displayed in hours and dollars.

Time Off Requests

Give employees the time off they deserve with electronic time off requests built and customized around your company policies.


Scheduling employees can be a difficult and grueling process. Even the best manual efforts can result in under or over scheduled shifts and employee confusion, which can have a negative impact on your business.

Our scheduling solution is automated with customized advanced features such as:

  • Overtime Alerts – Manage overtime with alerts when an employee is approaching overtime.
  • Quick Drag and Drop – Drag-and-Drop scheduling directly on the calendar to arrange employee schedules.
  • Scheduling Templates – Copy-and-paste template schedules to create a standard schedule for each employee.
  • Qualified Employees – Track skill sets and qualifications to ensure the appropriate employee is scheduled for the right job.
  • Text & Email Notifications – Email or text alerts to staff to notify them when shifts become available.
  • Shift Management – Employees have access anytime to easily swap shifts and/or pickup shifts.
  • Seamless Integration – The scheduling software is fully integrated with our timekeeping and payroll solutions.

Workplace Safety Questions

Clock prompts enable employers to collect additional labor and numeric data from employees during clock in and out. Employers can track hours by job, department, or other criteria. They can also collect totals for tips, piecework, mileage and other similar details.

The new filtered clock prompts employers to customize which prompts employees see, based on their group membership and exclude individuals from prompts as needed. Lists associated with prompts (e.g., department, job) can also correlate to group membership reducing any irrelevant options. Clock in and out is faster, with fewer errors and more complete information for payroll.

Benefits of Clock Prompts:

  • Saves employees time – Employees only see the prompts relevant to them. Any associated list is paired for relevance as well. This reduces the time needed to complete clock in and out.
  • Fewer errors – Filtered clock prompts reduce confusion and clutter during clock in and out, helping the employee make proper selections.
  • Faster time card processing – Time cards already include the data collected through filtered clock prompts. The data fields can be easily mapped for export to payroll.

Other Features:

  • Labor prompts collect details to subdivide hours worked by position, location, or other category.
  • Numeric prompts collect whole or decimal number input to track tips, mileage, piecework or other totals.
  • Group correlation filters prompts based on assigned group(s). Only prompts that are relevant to the employee’s group display at clock in/out.
  • List correlation filters lists to match specific criteria based on the assigned group. Only list items relevant for the group will display.
  • Geofence correlation filter is applied to those who are geofence enabled.
  • Individual exclusion feature identifies  individual group members who should not see a particular prompt.
  • Prompt timing prompts can be set to display at clock in or out. For example, an employee might select their work role during clock in, and enter mileage at clock out.

ACA Tracking

Streamline ACA reporting and filing for Applicable Large Employers (ALE)

What We Can Do: California Payroll is offering two levels of service to produce and file Forms 1094C and 1095C on your behalf.

  1. ACA Reporting Essentials
  2. Advanced ACA Tracking & Dashboard.

No matter what your unique needs require, California Payroll makes it easy to set up, customize and take action towards a better time and attendance system for your business.