California Local Minimum Wage Increases Effective July 1, 2024

In addition to industry specific wage increases coming next month, several cities and counties in California are also increasing local minimum wages. Increased wages apply only to hours worked on and after July 1, 2024.

These Local Wage Increases are Effective July 1, 2024

  • Alameda, CA: $17.00/hour;

  • Berkeley, CA: $18.67/hour;

  • Emeryville, CA: $19.36/hour;

  • Fremont, CA: $17.30/hour;

  • Los Angeles, CA (City): $17.28/hour; $20.32/hour for hotels with 60 or more rooms

  • Los Angeles County, CA (unincorporated areas): $17.27/hour;

  • Malibu, CA: $17.27/hour;

  • Milpitas, CA: $17.70/hour;

  • Pasadena, CA: $17.50/hour;

  • San Francisco, CA: $18.67/hour; $16.51/hour for a small number of “Government Supported Employees”;

  • Santa Monica, CA: $17.27/hour; $20.32/hour for hotels and businesses operating on hotel property

  • West Hollywood, CA: $19.61/hour for hotel employees

California employers should adjust their wages to reflect their location. Employers with remote and hybrid employees may need to adjust wages according to the city or county they work from. To remain in compliance, employers must update their minimum wages according to these local increases by July 1, 2024.

California Payroll Provides Poster Compliance Services

Many of these local wage increases require corresponding postings. Disseminating information about wage requirements to employees is vital, but staying on top of it can be a headache.

California Payroll offers poster services to make workplace posting updates simple all year round. Visit California Payrolls Poster Compliance Services to learn more, and call today to speak to a specialist.

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