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The Complex Nature of Human Resources

In order to survive, every organization must stay on top of payroll, employee benefits, and recruiting. For both small businesses and global corporations, managing every aspect of the HR process can be nearly impossible without the right solutions.

Through cutting-edge software and products, automating the HR process can save you time and improve operational efficiency. This is where California Payroll comes in.

We offer state-of-the-art HR services, products, and software to take the hassle out of human resources for good.

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Top Benefits of HR Automation

Place your organization’s critical HR procedures in the hands of the experts at California Payroll and reap the benefits.

Data-Driven Decisions

Tracking and measuring data across vital HR functions helps companies to analyze employee experiences and make adjustments.

Efficient Workflows

Automatic HR processes eliminate the need of excess paperwork, allowing employees and HR staff to collaborate seamlessly.

Increased Productivity

By automating simple and repetitive tasks, HR teams can focus on more difficult tasks, while employees can easily request time off and choose their benefits.

Top-Notch HR Solutions Across the Board

Talent Acquisition

Depend on superior HR services that will streamline the recruitment and hiring process.


Payroll is the lifeblood of any company. Get your employees paid on time, while handling taxes and compliance issues simultaneously.

Time and

Our products allow companies to accurately track and measure hours work, maintain compliance, and deal with labor costs.

Benefits Enrollment & Administration

With California Payroll, organizations can facilitate a smooth benefits enrollment process and allow employees to easily make changes.

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Cutting-Edge HR Software

Integrate high-quality HR software that will automate onboarding, benefits enrollment, application tracking, leave tracking, and employee performance monitoring all in one intuitive platform.

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Comprehensive HR Services

Managing efficient HR operations can be stressful – but you’re not alone. Receive expert guidance, tools, and services to help you succeed as an HR professional.

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Wide Range of HR Products

Give your HR department the help it needs by requesting our extensive HR products, from harassment training programs to background check services.

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