Payroll Solutions With Dedicated Account Managers

Payroll is arguably the most important function of an organization. When you pay people for their hard work on time, you’ll boost workplace morale and productivity. When payroll operations crumble, frustration and compliance issues can seem impossible to deal with.

Staying on top of payroll for any business requires a dynamic suite of helpful services, intuitive software, and value-driven products. At California Payroll, we offer all of these and more.

When you partner with California Payroll, you can streamline your payroll operations, improve efficiency, and keep your hard working team happy.

Top Benefits of Payroll Automation

Turn your manual or broken payroll process into a fully automated workflow. California Payroll provides customers the opportunity to reap all the benefits of effective payroll automation.

Advanced Reporting

Receive access to more than 120 report options or build your own HR, financial, payroll expense reports.

Efficient Workflows

Take advantage of efficient and automated workflows that not only process payroll on time, but also with laser-focused accuracy.

Powerful Solutions

Receive payroll cards, CALaccount Checks, and more payroll solutions to accelerate payroll delivery and simplify check reconciliation.

Exceptional Payroll Solutions You Need

Labor & Tax Distribution

California Payroll offers simplified labor and tax distribution across multiple departments to make it easier to view tax burdens and allocate wages properly.

Expense Management

Utilize a convenient and automated process to track employee expenses and shortlist them for review and verification.

ACA Tracking & Reporting

Stay in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements with our services and receive the peace of mind you deserve.

Accrual Tracking

Leverage this product feature to track liability, PTO, and vacation and sick days for every employee.

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Intuitive Payroll Software

Work with California Payroll to utilize high-performance payroll software that will automate reporting, tracking, and on-time payments that follow compliance and efficient operational procedures.

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High-Value Payroll Services

Receive access to dependable payroll services across the board, such as employee payment options, payroll & W-2 access, tax credit services, and ACA tracking & reporting.

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Diverse Payroll Products

We realize that all organizations have varying individual payroll goals and requirements. Our products, from retirement plan reporting to custom report writing, are designed to fit your unique needs and budget.

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