Labor Law Postings Available for Cities affected by the Increase in Minimum Wage Rates

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We are providing a free resource which allows our clients to download relevant city and county labor law postings and remain in compliance from one source, available here at Several Cities in California are implementing changes or new laws and regulations related to wages. This requires businesses operating within particular city limits to display or update their labor law notices. Posting of the correct wage notices is enforced and fines can be imposed for non-compliance.

Berkeley $11.00/hour
(12.53/hour effective October 1, 2016)
Yes Minimum Wage Ordinance
Emeryville $12.25/hour for businesses with 55 or fewer employees; ($13/hour beginning July 1, 2016)
$14.44/hour for businesses with more than 55 employees;
($14.82/hour est. beginning July 1, 2016)
Yes City of Emeryville
Long Beach* $13.80/hour No** Office of the City Clerk
Los Angeles $10.50/hour (effective July 1, 2016 for employers with 26 or more employees; requirement for smaller employers delayed until 2017)
$15.37/hour* (Hotel/Motel)
No Ordinance No. 18612

Ordinance No. 183241
(hotel workers)

Mountain View $11.00/hour Yes City of Mountain View
Oakland $12.55/hour Yes Minimum Wage Ordinance
Palo Alto $11.00/hour Yes City of Palo Alto
Richmond $11.52/hour Yes City of Richmond
San Francisco $12.25/hour
($13.00/hour effective July 1, 2016)
Yes Minimum Wage Ordinance
San José $10.30/hour Yes Minimum Wage Ordinance
Santa Clara $11.00/hour Yes City of Santa Clara
Sunnyvale $10.30/hour Yes Minimum Wage in Sunnyvale

*Applies to hotel workers only / **Requires written notification of rate adjustments
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