Certification Tracking within an HR/Payroll System

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments tomorrow, January 7, 2022, regarding the recently enacted federal mandates that require companies with 100 employees or more to monitor their employees’ vaccination statuses and COVID-19 test results. If the Supreme Court rules these mandates are Constitutional, these companies will be required to track this information immediately. Certain industries, such as Health Care, are also required to track vaccination status and testing results, regardless of size. If your company is looking for a system capable of tracking this information for your employees, California Payroll has a solution: Certification Tracking & Notifications. Within our HR system, Certification Tracking can help employers log their employees’ vaccination statuses, as well as track COVID-19 test results. For employees requiring testing, the Notifications feature will also alert employers for when it’s time for those employees to have another test done. Certification Tracking & Notifications can also be used for non-COVID purposes. If your employees require special certifications, either for completing workplace or state mandated training, these can be logged into the system as well. Different training categories, as well as certification codes and descriptions, can be added to customize the system for your business’s needs. To learn more about California Payroll’s Certification Tracking & Notifications capabilities, give us a call today at (925) 240-2400 or contact us online here.