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Why do I need Labor Law posters?

Labor Law posters are required by law. All employers with at least one employee are required to post the most up-to-date State and Federal labor law postings.  To minimize risk of non-compliance, businesses are responsible for monitoring the current Federal and State specific labor law changes. Avoiding fines & Penalties It is the responsibility of all employers to remain compliant with 8 labor law postings by displaying the latest, most up-to-date notices, to prevent penalties and risks of non-compliance. Failure to post up-to-date labor law postings can result in fines up to $17,000 per customer location (29 USC Sec. 666(i) and 29 USC Sec. 2005).

Since 2010 there has been over 400 different changes in state and federal labor law postings. State and federal law requires employers to post labor law notices in the workplace. These mandatory postings include the OSHA Posting, Federal Minimum Wage, FMLA, USERRA and various state specific notices.  Failure to post mandatory labor law notices can result in hefty fines and lawsuits. We offer a practical solution.

  • Labor Law Poster Compliance
  • Make compliance easy with the worry free Poster Solution
  • State & Federal Labor Law Postings meet all mandatory requirements
  • Worry-free poster solution provides year-round labor law posting compliance by keeping your business up-to-date with changes.
  • What’s Included: Up-to-date All In One State & Federal Labor Law Poster
  • $25,000 Fine-Reimbursement Guarantee
  • Cost savings & peace of mind

E-Update Service

How does it work?

  • Receive your All-In-One Poster
  • Register online for your updates
  • When a change happens, we call you and email the updated posting
  • Print the updated posting
  • Display your updated posting

Labor Law Compliance Solution

The All In One State and Federal Labor Law Poster includes both State and Federal mandated postings on a single 24″ x 40″ laminated poster. The average state is now experiencing 2-3 changes annually and some states anticipate as many as 4-5 changes per year. Labor Law Posters should be displayed in a location where they are visible to all employees at some point during their normal workday. Examples of suitable locations are common room, break/lunch rooms or conference room. If the majority of your workforce speaks Spanish as a first language and English as secondary, then it is highly recommended in such cases to display posters in Spanish to keep your employees informed about their workplace rights. You can be confident that in the event of an audit or inspection, your Labor Law Poster will be compliant. It includes a QR Code and posting legends for easy compliance tracking. Just scan the QR code on your Apple/Android device with any barcode reading app. A green screen indicates your Labor Law Poster is in compliance. A red screen indicates your Labor Law Poster does not meet current mandatory posting requirements and should be replaced. We are updated with labor law changes 24/7 so your compliance is assured. From small to big business, our posters are trusted in every employment environment.

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Recent / Anticipated Changes To State and Federal Labor Law Postings

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