Time & Attendance


Scheduling employees can be a difficult and grueling process and even the best manual efforts can result in under or over scheduled shifts and employee confusion, ultimately negatively impacting your business.

Our scheduling solution is an automated with advanced features such as:

  • Overtime Alerts
    • Manage overtime with alerts when an employee is approaching overtime.
  • Quick Drag and Drop
    • Drag-and-Drop scheduling directly on the calendar to arrange employee schedules.
  • Scheduling Templates
    • Copy-and-paste template schedules allowing you to create a standard schedule for each employee.
  • Qualified Employees
    • Track skill sets and qualifications to ensure the appropriate employee is scheduled for the right job.
  • Text & Email Notifications
    • Email or text alerts to staff notifying them when shifts become available.
  • Shift Management
    • Employees have access anytime to easily swap shifts and pickup shifts.
  • Seamless Integration
    • Fully integrated with our timekeeping and payroll solutions.

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