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Temperature Check

Vision + Temperature is a touchless biometric clock with advanced facial recognition and temperature checking features.

Our newest timeclock speeds clock in/out with touchless facial recognition that works even if the employee is wearing a mask PLUS it screens employees for elevated temperature. By preventing employees with a fever from clocking in, you can protect your workforce and prevent a potential outbreak at your business.

  • Facial reader identifies employees quickly and accurately which ensures that the right employee clocks into the right shift
  • Minimal contact sanitary clock in/out protects against infection without slowing down the clock-in/out queue
  • Syncs with your timekeeping system for punch-to-paycheck data integrity
  • Thermal scanning helps monitor employee temperature for fever. Discrete alerts notify managers to take appropriate action.

Vision+ verifies the employee’s face quickly and accurately. This ensures orderly shift clocking so employees can get to work without delay.

Track hours correctly, keep data safe, prevent buddy clocking, remotely screen for fever and offer a minimal-contact sanitary clocking experience. If the thermal scanner detects above-average temperature, the manager can discreetly pull the employee aside and address the issue before the employee enters the workspace.

We support workforces in office settings, retail, restaurants, hotels, schools, manufacturing, call centers, industrial worksites, and healthcare facilities.

Touchless authentication speeds punch transactions and confirms temperature is within a safe range.

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