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Location Tracking & GPS

You set the rules. GPS tracking, Geofencing and IP Address restrictions ensure you always know where your employees are clocking in and out.

What is Mobile Location Management?

Mobile Location Management is our new consolidated add-on feature for efficient mobile employee punch tracking. This consolidated feature combines Pinpoint GPS and geofencing capabilities, giving your clients the most flexible options for managing their mobile workforce.

With Mobile Location Management managers can see the physical address for every punch and visualize it on a map. They can also set geofences around approved work sites and get alerts when employees are out of bounds.

Mobile Location Management improves your ability to solve unique mobile workforce challenges for your clients.

What are the benefits of Mobile Location Management?

  • Time and money savings.
    • Every mobile punch captures and posts location data directly to the timecard. Compiling this information any other way could take hours.
  • Remote oversight.
    • Clients see where their employees punch in/out, even when they are out of sight. Managers focus on the exceptions.
  • Peace of mind.
    • Managers know right away if there is a problem. With geofencing, they find out in real-time if a punch is out of bounds.
  • Health and wellbeing protection.
    • No device sharing required. No queues or gathering areas needed for punch in/out.

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