Time Clocks

Facial Recognition

A facial recognition timeclock is a hardware clock that tracks employee time. The employee stands in front of the clock and faces the scanner. The timeclock identifies the employee by scanning their face and measuring key landmarks between facial features. When the employee is authenticated, the timeclock records their clock-in for the shift. The timestamp is then sent to the time and attendance software where time worked is tracked on digital timecards, along with PTO accruals.

What are the advantages of facial recognition timeclock attendance systems?

Quick–prevents bottlenecks at shift changes

Accurate–identifies faces with near 100% accuracy

Can’t be fooled by a photo like some fingerprint clocks

Works across the broadest range of environments and conditions

Works for a wide range of skin tones, facial features, and heights

No lost key cards, fobs or passwords

Prevents buddy punching as it is virtually impossible to fool

Controls access in secure environments

Vision is a touchless biometric clock with advanced facial recognition.

This employee timeclock confirms identity even if the user is wearing a mask. Because verification takes less than a second, clock-in is quick and orderly. Minimal contact terminal helps prevent the spread of germs on high-touch shared surfaces.

  • Facial reader identifies employees quickly and accurately to prevent lost productivity due to slow clock in queues
  • Sanitary touchless verification and minimal contact clock in/out helps maintain a healthy workplace
  • Controls access for enhanced security, schedule enforcement and COVID-related occupancy thresholds
  • Prevents all forms of time theft including buddy punching, the sharing of clock in devices, or hours padding
  • Creates accurate timecards which are easily processed and securely stored Not vulnerable to lost key cards or passwords which saves time and hassle for managers and the HR team

Unlike fingerprint clocks, facial recognition is not affected by gloves or dusty, greasy, or worn fingerprints. This makes it ideal for all work environments including office settings, healthcare, retail, hospitality, educational, manufacturing, and industrial.

In addition, Vision is your best protection against buddy punching which is common with PIN and prox card systems. Vision makes buddy punching impossible which saves your labor budget.

With Vision, you can collect exact clock-in/out time data in real-time from every site. Discover the ease, security, and reliability of Vision for shift clocking.

Touchless authentication speeds punch transactions and confirms identity.

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