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Worker’s Comp Connect: Pay as You Go

No upfront Deposit

  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Payments calculated on actual payroll – no more guesswork
  • Accurate, timely payments – avoid time-consuming adjustments
  • No check writing
  • No monthly billing fees
  • Most Workers’ Compensation plans require a large, upfront deposit and advance payments based on estimated payrolls. This ties up vital cash resources that you could use elsewhere. Also, because your payments are calculated on estimated payroll rather than actual payroll, you risk having to make time-consuming adjustments for inaccurate payment amounts.
  • California Payroll’s Pay-As-You-Go solution, Workers’ Comp Connect, changes all that. Workers’ Comp Connect integrates seamlessly with your Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation carrier to ensure that your premium payments are accurate and on time. Because your payments are calculated on actual payroll, you pay no upfront deposit.

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