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California Payroll featured in the Brentwood Press – “Leading the industry in integrity and technology”

California Payroll is celebrating 15 years serving clients in the payroll and workforce management industry. This week, the company is featured on the front page of the Brentwood Press  “Money Matters” section.

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“Fifteen years ago, when payroll services were all about cutting checks and making tax deposits, California Payroll settled into the Brentwood East Bay community, where it could be regionally located and develop lasting partnerships and relationships with clients.

Back then, the start-up company, founded by Henry Lonsdale, vice president of sales, and Debbie Mendivil, vice president of operations, was in the midst of an industry trend in which their competitors were moving out of state or overseas to save money.”

“We wanted to stay regionally located so we could maintain a relationship with our clients within a community that offers a great quality of life for our staff,” said Mendivil.

The founders chose Brentwood as their operational office, so their employees could enjoy a healthy work-life balance, without spending hours each day commuting. This resulted in very low turnover and employees who became experts in the industry and in serving the needs of their clients.

The combination of planting roots in the region they serve and creating a work environment enabling their employees to thrive led the company to expand both their services and their stretch nationwide. They became a leader in the payroll and workforce-management industry.

> View full article: http://www.thepress.net/special/california-payroll-is-leading-the-industry-in-integrity-and-technology/article_69a08bd0-e341-11e6-ab9d-7f9994a2d344.html 

California Payroll in Brentwood California